Open Scan Export License (STL Export for Chairside Software

Can I export STL files from CEREC Chairside Software?

CEREC/Ortho/Sirona Connect - With the release of CEREC 4.5, Sirona Connect 4.5 and CEREC Ortho 1.2 softwares, Dentsply Sirona has also introduced an Open Scan Export License which enables users to export STL files from the chairside software.

Environment: CEREC Chairside 4.5 and higher/Sirona Connect 4.5 and higher/CEREC Ortho 1.2 and higher


Chairside Software Versions which can export the Open Scan STL are listed below.  The applicable license must be activated on the License Drive which is plugged into the unit for the feature to work.

  • CEREC 4.5 and higher
  • Sirona Connect 4.5 and higher
  • Ortho 1.2 and higher

Items to Note:

  • The Open Scan Export License is free for CEREC Club members upon request.
  • Users must install CEREC 4.5 prior to requesting the license.
  • To request the Open Scan Export License, CEREC Club customers (or their branch representative) can call the Patterson CAD/CAM Team at 1.800.475.5036.
  • The license will be distributed through the portal.
  • Non-club customers can contact their local Patterson representative to inquire about pricing and order the license.
  • The Open Scan Export file type is intended for use with model printing.  Users may determine if the file type is suitable for use in other formats. 
  • For best results, it is recommended that CEREC files be scanned, designed and produced within the CEREC system.
  • The export of restoration design data is exclusive to inLab software with the purchase of a separate export licens

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