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" My workflow for "bread & butter" posterior CEREC restorations. "


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Does CEREC produce Lab Quality Restorations?

Can CEREC be what you want it to be?

Alien Proposal Workaround

Have you ever seen an alien proposal? I see them occasionally when there is an extreme...

Aesthetic Zirconia Workflow

Aesthetic zirconia workflow question that arrived at the Klim Institute Message Center: "...

Digital Splint Fabrication

This video reviews the steps for machining and fabrication of the CAD/CAM splint. For the...

Benefits of a Digital Study Model

The Primescan full mouth scan and bite registration for appliance fabrication is...

Comprehensive VD Increase Digital Bite Registration

here are a number of ways to process a vertical dimension (VD) increase. How much to open...

Comprehensive Diagnosis with the Digital Platform

The first step in comprehensive care planning is understanding the patient. When...

Digital Splint Milled with MC XL or Primemill

Over the years of practice, I have used many oral appliances for retention, grinding...

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