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" My workflow for "bread & butter" posterior CEREC restorations. "


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Mastering Occlusion with CEREC

One of the most asked questions I have received in the last decade about the CEREC...

Wax-up Model Tip

This is a model tip I learned from a lab technician years ago, and it works well on both...

Single Central Veneer with Copy & Mirror Workflow - Case Study

The video is a CEREC case study using Copy & Mirror workflow for a single central...

Incisal Edge Workflow with MiYO

This video highlights my incisal edge workflow using MiYO. There are several advantages...

Anterior 8 Unit Case Post-mill Texturing Workflow

There are a plethora of ceramic finishing videos on this website. This video will...

Is Primescan Worth the Upgrade?

Is Primescan worth the upgrade from Omnicam? This video will document how Primescan will...

Mock-up Sil-Tech Fabrication

Fabricating and using a Sil-Tech aesthetic jig is a predictable asset for aesthetic mock-...

Klim Institute Live Weekly Q & A, Managing Large CAD/CAM Cases, Primescan, and Primemill

Weekly Clinical Theater Update: Managing Larger CAD/CAM clinical cases, with Q & A #...

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