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" My workflow for "bread & butter" posterior CEREC restorations. "


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e.max Veneers MiYO 850 Stain and Glaze Workflow

MiYo 850 glaze and colors are changing the industry for e.max aesthetics. This video will...

Is Immediate Dentin Sealing Necessary?

This was an excellent interview with Dr. Steve Shiffenhaus on his review of treating...
Anterior Crown Preparation Workflow

Anterior Crown Preparation Workflow

This video highlights my anterior prepping workflow for full crowns and scanning with the...
Veneer Bonding Workflow

Veneer Part III, Bonding Workflow

This video is my typical veneer bonding workflow. Though I now use Variolink Esthetic...

Q and A for Selecting Posterior e.max Color and Translucency for Onlays

A new part of this website is a Q&A response to questions through the message center...

Veneer 02 Preparation Workflow

Over the last 12 years, my veneer trend has been to preserve more and more tooth enamel...

My Favored Lab Bench Light

I often receive questions about my support equipment and clinical product. This one is on...

Veneer 01 Soft Tissue Recontouring

This video is an introduction to conservative veneer workflow in addition to soft tissue...

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