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" My workflow for "bread & butter" posterior CEREC restorations. "


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CEREC Inlay Onlay Hacks

CEREC's entry to clinical use started with the inlay/onlay applications. I still opt for...

Anterior e.max Bridge Stain & Glaze

Two stain and glaze systems work very well in my clinical theater, Ivocolor by Ivoclar...

Anterior e.max Bridge Shaping & Texturing

This video is about shaping and texturing in an anterior e.max bridge (mastering your...

Anterior Bridge Software Workflow

The anterior software workflow will be smooth when the case provides enough lingual...

Implant Two Piece Crown Parameter Secret

There have been issues with the implant two-piece e.max mill fit between the abutment and...

Cantilever Workflow and Material Choices

The software workflow for a cantilever bridge--this video will review the midset behind...
Meisinger JK03 Ceramic Lab Kit

Ceramic JK03 Meisinger Lab Kit Overview

This video is the introduction to the James Klim DDS CEREC Meisinger Lab Kit (JK03). The...

Anterior Software Workflow Case Review

This video is my preferred anterior software workflow when working on the central incisor...

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