Veneers have been an integral part of my CEREC treatment options going back to the RedCAM.  The veneer software workflow has been the same since the CEREC 4.4 software.  I am so grateful that DS has returned the View Option feature in our workflow.  This feature becomes vital in aligning our midline and smile plain by how the model axis is aligned in the model screen.  Using the Arch Front command in the View option, the software positions our virtual design to the smile plain axis and provides a streamlined approach to virtual finishing the incisal edges to the smile plane and midline alignment, referring to the midline design process. This video has been my software workflow for the last ten years.  With the current day software, my objective is to design 90-95 of the final virtual design in the software, so once milled with Extra Fine mill, all we need to do is apply the micro texturing and apply the chosen glaze, and our time proficiency is significantly enhanced.

CEREC Veneers Software Workflow