I have often received calls from CEREC offices and have had Patterson Dental sent new CEREC owners to my educational center who are struggling with chairside CEREC integration. Going clear back to dental school, there are times that I have struggled with new clinical applications.  I have found that integration problems are usually still solved with going back to the basics for the particular application being accomplished.  I have found this to be the case with most CEREC integration issues.  The beauty of CEREC is that is will refine our prep skills by showing the user where refinement needs to happen.  Labs have been dealing with our prep issues for years.  With CEREC, it is now in our court.  The current CEREC software will work well if it receives preparation information that is prepared to optimize the material being used and the biomechanical terrain of the adjacent and opposing teeth.  This video will convey my top 3 tips for making the CEREC process fly.  And believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the software.  It has to with what we deliver into the software.

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Part II Video for seamless CEREC software design flow in less than two minutes.