Part A:  Posterior e.max Shaping using Dr. Klim’s Meisinger Lab Kit The Brush-on glaze trilogy series for the Ivoclar rapid e.max cycle (and it works for all e.max firing cycles).  Once milled, the e.max posterior restoration is rapidly shaped for morphological refinement and surface finish using the Dr. James Klim Meisinger Lab bur kit specially designed for CEREC. View Video

Part B:  Brush-on Glaze Application for ALL e.max Firing Cycles

Brush-on IPS Crystall glaze tutorial for all e.max glaze firing cycles and avoid glaze bubbling and surface glaze firing pits.  This is precisely the glaze/stain technique I use in my clinical theater. View Video

Part C:  e.max Post Glaze Superficial Gloss Finish

Decrease post-cementation cleanup time with superficial gloss polish following the glaze cycle. View Video