This video documents my current steps for cementing an implant abutment or one-piece implant restoration on the TiBase.  The protocol that I have changed as of late is using Monobond Etch & Prime rather than hydrofluoric acid and silane.  I have experienced great success with my TiBase created implant restorations.  I have yet to see an e.max or zirconia abutment delaminated from the TiBase in 8 years.

Cementation Steps:

  1. Sandblast the adhesive surface on the TiBase
  2. MonoBond Plus metal priming on TiBase
  3. Fill access screw tube with plumbers tape
  4. MonoBond Etch & Prime internal adhesive surfaces on the implant restoration 
  5. Rinse and dry (drying for 10 seconds will create the silanating action, so no additional silane application is necessary)
  6. Place HO Multilink Hybrid Abutment resin cement
  7. Seat implant restoration on TiBase
  8. Cure to tack cement 
  9. Liquid strip
  10. A final polish of implant restoration