The CEREC 4.6 workflow is very similar to 4.52.  The most significant upgrade from 4.52 is the camera scanning proficiency.  The camera also picks up shiny surfaces such as ceramic and gold much better than in prior software versions.  The model rendering is faster from the Acquisition screen and all the steps in the model screen are automated including setting Model Axis and Drawing Margins.  I have found it is better to disable the auto margin calculation unless the margins are high and dry.  For larger cases with multiple preparations, the software has a tendency to crash.  The software performs much better when margin calculation is disabled.

CEREC 4.6 Video Preview

CEREC 4.6 Full Video for Members

CEREC 4.6 Update Highlights

  • 20% shorter total calculation time
  • Connection to inLab Software via export and import DXD-file data transfer
  • Anatomic bridge connectors option
  • Direct Sirona Connect Portal within the CEREC Software
  • Automatic calculation of preparation margin
  • Improved initial proposals due to the optimized Biojaw algorithm
  • Automatic model axis calculated