My finishing technique for LAVA Ultimate:

  • Polish margins with a blue Meisinger polishing wheel
  • Refine grooves with inverted cone #25
  • Diashine (medium) all surfaces with stiff robinson wheel (grey)
  • Sandblast Occlusal goove area, use resin color modifiers (honey yellow, brown etc.).  Characterize occlusal grooves with 3M Sinfony Magic Shade or Kerr Resin Color Tints, light cure after color tints are applied.
  • Seal tinted groove areas following application of color modifiers/cured with Palaseal (Kulzer) and cure with halogen type of light (ProCur3 300 Light Oven by KeyStone Industries). 

Will soon have a video for this process and Patterson ordering numbers.

I am observing the best application for LAVA Ultimate material is for inlays and conservative onlays.  The blend is excellent with HT.  Tried LT over titamium abutments today. Aesthetics were okay, not as vital as e.max for full coverage situations.  Though, suppose to be excellent as far a functional loading charateritics for implants 

Will continue assessing this material.  All-in-all, I really like the material and currently find my primary use is for the posterior region of the