For 4.2 training videos on implant abutment/crown applications, see chapter 11 of Dr. Klim's online CEREC training. To access all of Dr. Klim's training videos, become a platinum member HERE

 The chairside CEREC 4.0 e.max Implant Abutment/Crown tutorial is presented in two CEREC Liftoff videos.  I am a creative CEREC user and continually find ways to expand our CEREC clinical theater applications.  Part A and Part B will review my approach using the Sirona TiBase titanium platform as the base to scan, design, mill and fit a solid e.max abutment/crown screw retention implant restoration.  Being able to design and finish the implant emergence contours with an e.max abutment/crown combo design offers many advantages. This method facilitates cementation and finishing prior to implant restoration oral placement offering optimal soft tissue completion.