Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 06/13/2024 - 11:17am

Those who are in the in-office CAD/CAM service with CEREC appreciate the control of self-reliance in our clinical treatment workflows.  I, for one, am so appreciative of my CEREC journey over the last 20 years and hope to see many more years with this clinical fulfillment.  This video describes my workflow for fabricating dental splints and orthotics that are a significant part of my patient's occlusal and comfort management. #sprintray #dentalsplints #printingsplints

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 06/02/2024 - 11:13am

Yes, my MC XL saved my day several weeks ago.  I love the conservative restoration for posterior and anterior veneers.  I have used CEREC for two decades, and this system and upgrades have provided a fulfilling 20 years of practice.  As you may have observed, I am branching out to other mill systems and software, using the Primescan for imaging.  There are limitations to getting around the 4-axis mill for conservative restorations.  One advantage of the MC XL over the Primemill is the left step bur 12.  The diameter is the smallest diameter we have at about 0.85 mm for Fine Mill and Extra Fine Mill.  I will go through this advantage in...Read more