Dr. Klim’s world-famous cadstar.tv CEREC online training.  With over 500 video tutorials, there is a complete learning package divided into several channels covering a comprehensive range of topics for mastering the Dentsply/Sirona CAD/CAM dental system.

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Welcome to Dr. Klim's Online CEREC training. Please choose from the following channel menu to view all the videos:

The 4.5 CEREC SW  has really made an incredible leap with imaged margin clarity and milling algorithms.  The clinical flow is very similar to the 4.4 SW version.   
Archived CEREC Software Tutorials for 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, and 4.0. 
Paying attention to restorative CAD/CAM fundamentals will streamline the CEREC experience. Channel one is to familiarize the CAD/CAM user to the CEREC practice culture.
Preparation architecture is the primary fundamental restorative success factor in our clinical theater.  CEREC success is determined by managing the oral field before taking the optical impression.
Master the Dr. Klim technique for accurate optical impressions assuring excellent fitting restorations.
Dr. Klim reviews the design steps in the CEREC Software. The Design Channel 04 is a focus on posterior restorative protocols.
Learn the principles applicable to CEREC material selection and milling optimization (Parameter review).
Applying systematic steps to finishing CAD/CAM restorations will enhance the functional and aesthetic quality. Dr. Klim shares polishing and glazing techniques to streamline the process for posterior teeth.   
Cementing CEREC restorations with an adhesive microscopic mindset will assure predictable results. Following the Klim bonding steps will significantly decrease post cementation sensitivity and increase patient satisfaction.
There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that we can provide quality restorations in our CAD/CAM clinical theaters. Channel 8 offers practical tips associated with clinical care and a series of videos on CAD/CAM equipment maintenance.
Gaining confidence to handle anterior CEREC restorations is very rewarding. Channel 09 will introduce the fundamental steps to mastering anterior CEREC aesthetics.
Channel 10 covers the principles of chairside CEREC bridge applications, bridge software design, and finishing.
Channel 11 covers the chairside CEREC implant applications, software design, and finishing techniques for both solid body implant crowns and split crowns and abutments.
The CEREC office can provide high strength zirconia crowns in less than two hours using the dry mill and SpeedFire furnace. This Channel will review the green finishing steps, color infiltration before sintering, post-firing finishing options, and cementation.