Aesthetic zirconia workflow question that arrived at the Klim Institute Message Center:

"Interested in your intrinsic staining technique. Can this also be used on the Katana blocks? I want to mill, intrinsically stain my zirconia restorations, sinter, polish, and then the seat. Do you offer any hands-on courses, or which online videos do you recommend I watch? Also, can you provide a materials list so I can get the supplies to start?"

James Klim Response:

Yes, I use infiltration on Katana and the ZirCAD Multi to enhance intrinsic cervical coloration when needed.  I use ZirCAD LT Coloring Liquid.  This brand works on other brands of zirconia, including Katana, CEREC Zirconia, and ZirCAD Multi.

The infiltration application is less on the Katana, and ZirCAD Multi since there is already a multi-effect on these blocks, less intrinsic color saturation is needed. See the following videos for infiltration brand and infiltration technique for Katana and ZirCAD Multi. I also teach this technique in my Mastering Posterior CEREC Resotraitons and Implant and Bridge Hands-on courses.

Products listed in Videos: JK04 Meisinger Zirconia Lab kit, ZirCAD LT Coloring Liquid

Online Videos:

 Zirconia Shape-in

 ZirCAD Lt Coloring Liquid (can be used universally)

 Infiltration on Katana and ZirCAD Multi

 Bridge Shaping and Infiltration

 Polishing Zirconia