So many lost homes this last week in the Santa Rosa firestorms.  The Klim office and home were both close to the fires and were located in one of the many mandatory evacuation zones.  Fortunately, both the home and office survived the fires.  Our prayers and heartfelt sadness go out to the many who lost homes (a number of our patients) and loved ones.

We thank the firefighters, law enforcement, and associated personnel for incredible work saving lives, providing leadership, and protection during this devastating ordeal. They are our heroes!

We are planning to be up and running again on Monday.  

The video below is a YouTube embedded video shot and edited by three firefighters — acting captain Kyl Fleming, apparatus operator Clifford Broome and firefighter Mike Shuken — happened to be working together at Station 6 that morning, although they usually work at different stations.  When they arrived in Santa Rosa the firefighters discovered a horrifying scene, including hundreds of destroyed homes, block after block, of still-burning lots, one of which — they later learned — belonged to one of their fellow firefighters.