The following question came into the messaging center.  "I have a case coming
up which has posterior erosion with passive eruption. Wondering what the best
treatment flow is for this and if there is a course in posterior rehab with
onlays?  Thanks!"

Cadstar education

Dr. Klim's response. 

If the cervical tooth is in good shape, open the bite if the clinical and financial circumstances allow. My primary method is finding a comfortable vertical with a removable appliance and then moving into a fixed transition bite with milled composite onlays to enable the patient to adapt and let the bite settle. Work out the occlusion nuances in the traditional bite, and then restore in section with e.max onlays to never lose the bite. This has been my best pathway for restoring this type of case. You will find information on this workflow in the comprehensive online channel and in my comprehensive live class"
e.max onlays
Facebook Live Video Link on opening bite workflow overview.