This class is designed for the serious CEREC user with the desire to take aesthetic dentistry to a new level. Obtaining results that will rival nature begins in the 

planning phase. Being well prepared for the aesthetic clinical objectives will simplify the chairside experience. The CEREC application to aesthetic dentistry should be seamless when operating in a systematic format.

Mastering anterior CEREC aesthetics is about understanding and implementing a systematic sequence that will be dependable with each aesthetic case. The fundamental aesthetic principles taught in this class are a reflection of Dr. James Klim’s 30 years of clinical experience and years of post-graduate teaching in aesthetic dentistry.

Personalized training with Dr. Klim is what CADStar/Digital Enamel hands-on courses are all about.  

We intentionally design a SMALLER class sizes so each attendee will receive the attention they desire.  

The Digital Enamel Santa Rosa or Austin facility and team will provide a comfortable environment to optimize learning.