Enjoyed my presentation at Dentsply Sirona World 2017. Being such a fan and clinically implementing the Sirona CAD/CAM and Galileos systems, it is easy to share my passion for centering my practice around this incredible digital platform. However, my presentation took a twist from the digital side of dentistry and conveyed my number one passion, the emotional side of dentistry. It is about the heart...mine and the patients who spend time in my office. 

My number one focus on patient care is creating and maintaining an atmosphere of security and safety. An authentic communication style and solid belief system in why and how care is delivered. It is the core to my clinical joy factor, and I happen to use the Dentsply Sirona digital platform to deliver the goods. #dentsplysironaworld2017#dentsplysironaworld #dental#kliminstitute #dentallab #dentist
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