In the last ten years, I have applied various glazes for e.max, starting with Crystall, then Ceram and Colors, Ivoclor, and now MiYO 850.  Each one has improved the outcome for the final result.  What I have learned from teaching all of these products on e.max through the years is that the colors and glaze with MiYO 850 are more forgiving and natural looking due to their translucent nature than any other system I have used.  In all my 30-plus years of teaching, never have I seen such a positive and emotional response to learning and mastery as I have observed with MiYO.  My main motivation for teaching is passing on significant valued learning experiences that will build the confidence of those attending and result in life-changing experiences when they return to the office.  I appreciate all those who have attended my classes and those who are members of my online series. Thank you!