Adding Posterior Implant component to CEREC 4.0 Happens Hands-on Class

e.max is providing new avenues for restoring posterior implant restorations.  One of my favorite posterior implant restorative approaches is designing and fabricating an all-in-one abutment/crown restoration and cementing to a Ti-Base or stock abutment extra-orally and then screwing the implant restoration into place.  CEREC 4.0 provides the needed optical precision to accomplish this implant approach.

Other Course Objectives at the upcoming June 28-29

  • CEREC 4.0.3 Parameters
  • CEREC 4.0.3 Optical Impression Techniques
  • Preparation Design
  • Managing Subgingival Margins
  • 4.0.3 Virtual Design
  • Nailing Occlusion in CEREC 4.0.3
  • Material Selection
  • Stain and Glaze
  • e.max
  • No Post-Treatment Sensitivity Protocol