Assessment of the CEREC SW 4.0.2 Update:  

Sirona Link for Download

  1. I applaud the Bite Registration alternative.  This feature will meet a broader range of clinical needs in the CEREC theater…well done Sirona!
  2. Posted block information in the Milling Phase Screen “Change Block Size” is an excellent check and balance…well done Sirona!
  3. Really like the all “Color Restoration” update and application for multiple unit designs.  This visual option provides more visual continuity, particularly on multiple anterior teeth when crossing the midline...better visual clarity while design matching to the unprepared teeth for primary and secondary morphological highlights and cervical emergence lines…well done Sirona!!!!!
  4. Contact colors on all restoration provides great occlusal contact visual clarity.
  5. Good to see the Language alternative settings in Configuration Options.  

Other positive observation with the CEREC 4.0.2 patch:

  1. Copy Line can now be drawn to depth of incisal and proximal embrasure without seeing an alien proposal…well done.  Unbelievable how this Copy Line drawing improvement provides design streamlining for multiple anterior when proposing from a Biocopy wax-up…very well done!  
  2. Occlusal virtual grinding finally works as well as it did in 3.85…it only impacts the occlusal virtual contacts rather than wiping out the occlusal morphological design…well done!
  3. Form Addition and Removal tools are now working similar to 3.85 (were too aggressive until now)…well done!


CEREC 4.0.2 video review link in the CEREC Liftoff Message Center for Liftoff Members.