As I was reflecting today in the comfort of my new practice facility and teaching center, I was thinking how much my professional life has evolved in the last 7 years. Wow…The technology explosion and the impact on the dental clinical theater.

This May will be my 28th year in dentistry. I have tasted some of the most exciting and rewarding times that dentistry has to offer. Yet, my most significant defining moment was the day I signed the papers for my CEREC seven and a half years ago. The ride since then has been a professional life filled with abundant fascination.

With the continual updates in software, hardware, and materials, we are seeing an unleashing of clinical creativity and applications.

I consider myself so privileged to be practicing and doing what I love. And thanks to CEREC…it has significantly changed my professional life.

Defining moments don’t come along every day. But when they do, let’s make sure we recognize the opportunity and jump on for the ride. Sirona is planning one of those defining moment August 16-18 at CEREC 27 and a half. Do not miss this moment in time. Come and be part of one more defining moment in dentistry. Now is the time to refocus and look at the next fascinating chapter of 3D dentistry.

Thank you Sirona,
James Klim

Dr. James Klim will be a featured keynote speaker at CEREC 27 and a half. He will be presenting “The CEREC 4.0 Aesthetic Groove”.

Dr. Klim is an internationally recognized speaker, author, manufacture consultant, beta tester, and teacher of advanced functional and aesthetic CAD/CAM dentistry. With over 25 years of clinical experience working with all-ceramic restorations, Dr. Klim has developed sound clinical techniques that he is now applying to the CEREC process. He is passionate about sharing tools and templates that will assist other CEREC users with their success and satisfaction in the CAD/CAM restorative theater.