As a practicing dentist for 28 years, I have experienced so many blessings in my career.  I have been blessed with incredible mentors, blessed with great technology, blessed with many great team members, and blessed serving so many great clients. The greatest blessing of all was the day CAD/CAM was introduced to my dental theater.  The advances in materials and now the latest with CEREC 4.0 software and technology is providing a route for a full expression of my creative and restorative services.  My CAD/CAM passion has steered my path to mentoring and teaching throughout North America.  My CEREC Liftoff online training and mentoring series is growing rapidly each day touching the world.  The responsive emails are incredible.  A complete package for my CADStar training services will now be complimented with a new home in Santa Rosa, California.  Our new facility will implement comprehensive restorative CEREC training with the latest in practice integration.  Our dental clinical theaters are the latest in Adec design and in addition to staging care for my patients and training attendees, the theaters will be used as a showcase for Bay Area Patterson services.