Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 11/08/2018 - 1:03pm

There are a few upgrades in the Model Phase Screen such as auto model axis and auto margin calculation.  This video will review how to optimize these new features in the CEREC workflow.

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 11/05/2018 - 7:37pm

I am reaching more and more for Zirconia restorations for first and second molars when full coverage is indicated. With the current high strength zirconia, they tend to be opaque and often come into the room first!  Since I have been color infiltrating in the green state, this simple efficient step has significantly improved the blend for the final finished restoration. This video will demonstrate my single zirconia restoration infiltration technique using ZirCAD LT Colouring Liquids.

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 10/26/2018 - 7:13am

I recommend uploading CEREC 4.6 for just the scanning and margin clarity features.  However, keep 4.52 around.  There are historical trends for software glitches to be present with new software versions.  This videos will share several hacks I use to get through some of the 4.6 glitches.

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 10/21/2018 - 10:47pm

CEREC Case Review for auto margin calculation in the CEREC 4.6 Software, it draws the margin for you!  When the margins are "high and dry", auto margin drawing is spot on.  This case review will highlight the CEREC software for creating an e.max onlay restoration.   

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 10/19/2018 - 2:47pm

When I need a high-strength zirconia restoration or bridge for the shadows of the mouth, I often reach for ZirCAD LT by Ivoclar.  Avoiding visual tension is the secret for making high strength zirconia restorations work in the shadows.  ZirCAD LT Colouring liquids are my secret.  I using them on colored blocks to create a multi-effect and tone down the value in the cusp zones.  This videos will show you how to set up the ZirCAD LT Colouring Liquid Kit.

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 10/16/2018 - 7:09am

This video is about becoming a happy occlusal CAD/CAM clinician. There are five principles that I apply to achieve shimstock occlusion in CEREC 4.6.  It is like clockwork.  When you apply them, clinical theater life becomes much more pleasant.

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 10/07/2018 - 9:57pm

The CEREC 4.6 workflow is very similar to 4.52.  The most significant upgrade from 4.52 is the camera scanning proficiency.  The camera also picks up shiny surfaces such as ceramic and gold much better than in prior software versions.  The model rendering is faster from the Acquisition screen and all the steps in the model screen are automated including setting Model Axis and Drawing Margins.  I have found it is better to disable the auto margin calculation unless the margins are high and dry.  For larger cases with multiple preparations, the software has a tendency to crash.  The software performs much better when margin calculation is

Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 09/30/2018 - 5:29pm

Part two video for optimizing your CEREC software clinical flow.  This is a longer video than most of mine. However, I think it will keep your attention interest.  This video reflects my CEREC software workflow for a two-minute design sequence for a posterior restoration. The workflow and design tips provided in this video have solved the design and fit issues for several dozen dentists who quit using or were planning on returning their CEREC due to integration and quality frustrations.  

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Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 09/27/2018 - 1:59pm

I have often received calls from CEREC offices and have had Patterson Dental sent new CEREC owners to my educational center who are struggling with chairside CEREC integration. Going clear back to dental school, there are times that I have struggled with new clinical applications.  I have found that integration problems are usually still solved with going back to the basics for the particular application being accomplished.  I have found this to be the case with most CEREC integration issues.  The beauty of CEREC is that is will refine our prep skills by showing the user where refinement needs to happen.  Labs have been dealing with our

Submitted by James Klim DDS, CADStar Host on 09/21/2018 - 4:37pm

Often when working with infiltrated zirconia restorations, polishing is enough for the final finish. There are occasional clinical circumstances that may require stain and glaze to achieve a harmonious blend, particularly when using a high strength zirconia such as ZirCAD LT which is more of an opaque material.  This video will provide the workflow for using Ivocolor stain and glaze. 

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