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Achieve Knife-Edge CEREC Margins

Just taught a class with one of the attendees who has had the CEREC for several months...

Ceramic e.max Margin Repair after 10 Years

One of my clinical fascinations is technological advances that will streamline procedural...

MC XL Glitch Workaround

I don't see too many MC XL CEREC tower communication glitches. But it did happen today...

Anterior CEREC Time Saving Design Flow

Part one video in BioJaw anterior design series. The way I save time in my anterior...

Conservative Restoration CEREC Software Workflow Case Review, Part II

This video is Part II for the conservative CEREC restoration(s) and will demonstrate the...

The Conservative Restoration CEREC Case Review, Part I

When is the conservative CEREC restoration indicated in our treatment portfolio and how...

Dealing with CEREC Software Hiccups

Sometimes it happens, software crash! These are issues we occasionally need to work...

My Favored Anterior Design Flow

Since the CEREC 3.85 software version, BioCopy anteriorly has not been smooth as I would...

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