This tutorial will demonstrate my step-by-step glaze and stain technique customizing the solid e.max abutment/crown.  My current favored stain and glaze system is Ivocolor.  It is a universal stain and glaze system "one on all" and works well on micro felspathic, lucite, disilicate, and zirconia surfaces.  Ivocolor is a very forgiving system, basically no bubbling.  It is very predictable, what you see with stain color harmony in the application state will be what is seen in the post-firing condition.

Product Recommendations:

  • Object Fix Flowable (Ivoclar Vivadent)
  • Ivocolor Starter Kit (Ivoclar Vivadent)
  • e.max 16 implant block
  • Meisinger JK03 Lab Kit

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